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Collaborative Robots Machines in Quebec and Ontario

Collaborative robots ( Cobots ) are cost-effective, safe, easy-to -use and flexible to deploy. They are revolutionizing manufacturing and because of their (relative) low cost and ready availability are making automated systems easier than ever to implement, even for small and medium-sized companies. We offer our machines to companies located on Quebec, Ontario and surrounding areas.

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What can cobots do?

Cobots usually integrate into aspects/elements of a production process that are repetitive or dull enough to risk errors or injury. Their small size and dexterous movement mean they make great assistants for tasks using small parts or intricate placement. These include the type of job humans do at workbenches and on the manufacturing floor.

Examples include:

Benefits of cobots
The cobot industry is set to grow exponentially as more and more companies recognise the advantages this kind of automation solution will bring to their business. These advantages include:


Cobots offer unlimited potential. As a fairly new but fast-moving industry, the possibilities that these robots can bring to the shop floor in terms of efficiency, productivity, flexibility etc., are set to grow rapidly in the coming months and years.

Easy to install and use

Easy to install and use

Collaborative robots are much easier to install and use than their industrial robot counterparts, allowing them to be integrated seamlessly into the workplace with little disruption or previous automation knowledge or experience.

Increased efficiency

Increased efficiency

Collaborative robots are designed to perform repetitive tasks that have a high risk of human error. By deploying cobots this way human workers’ time can be freed up enabling it to be used performing more value-adding activities.

Increased safety

Increased safety

In the manufacturing industry, safety is paramount. Potentially dangerous tasks that were once the preserve of human workers can now be undertaken by cobots ensuring a) workforce safety and b) freeing up workers’ time to concentrate on more valuable tasks.

Cobots are designed and built to be inherently safe. The incorporation of highly sensitive torque sensors detect any changes in force and pressure around them which causes them to stop.



It’s no longer exclusively large companies that can afford this kind of automation. Collaborative robots are competitively priced and are an affordable option for more and more small and medium-sized businesses.

Cobots, for all size of business, deliver increased productivity, reduced labour costs and as such, a fast and favourable return on investment.

Our Range of Cobots
We represent world renowned brands using the latest technology in cobotics

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