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Made 4 CNC Safedoor SD100

Camex offers a range of CNC automation and robotics options to help our customers to thrive in a global market that is increasingly turning to automation for a competitive edge. Choose from an array of CNC collaborative robots, aka cobots, designed and developed by reputed OEMs and integrated by our amazing team.

Introducing Safedoor SD100

Safedoor is a unique automatic door system, specially designed for robotic tending of CNC machines. The Safedoor system is also an ideal solution for CNC tending without a robot, improving operator ergonomics.

The system contains actuator(s) and a controller which together enables safe, fast and reliable operation of a CNC machine door.

With adjustable travel speed and built-in force monitoring it is capable of safe operation alongside human operators.

Key Features:
  • Easy installation, programming and risk assessment
  • Optimized for integration with collaborative robots.
  • Fast and silent operation
  • Automatic door size adjustment
  • Force control, optimized for safe and reliable operation.
  • Capable for handing both single- and double door CNC machines
  • Flexible mounting brackets for easy integration with different CNC machines
  • Included operator panel allowing manual operation of the door and CNC machine.

Your Key Benefits

One Door Solution

1 x SD100 Actuator
1 x SD100 Controlle
1 x Operator Panel
Mounting Hardware

Two Door Solution

1 x SD100 Actuator
1 x SD100 Controller
1 x Operator Panel
Mounting Hardware

Fits all door-openings up to 1m

The system automaticallyadjust the stroke of the actuator to fit the door.

Efficient Installation Process

Installation can be done quickly with everything included in the kit, adjustable brackets and smart configuration software. This allows the integrator to move on to other parts of the installation, getting production up and running faster.

Safe StopSafe Stop

3rd party validated safe-stop function. The stopping force and maximum traversal speed can be adjusted during installation, if required by the safety assessment.

No Fingers Pinched

Operator safety is crucial in all robotic applications, collaborative robotics is no exception. The weight and speed of a moving CNC door can pose a significant hazard, if the installation is not carefully plannen. The Safedoor SD100s built-in safety features and adjustable spped settings can help mitigate potential hazzards.

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I can install several doors in a day, as it is very easy to install

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