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Mill-Turn Machines

CNC mill-turn machines (also called multitasking machines) rely on multi-axis machining to offer high-speed manufacturing whilst increasing production accuracy. You no longer need to buy a separate milling machine and turning machine as CNC TUM mill machines are capable of doing the work of both. We offer our machines to clients living in Quebec, Ontario and Surrounding areas.

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Why Choose CNC Mill-Turn Machines?

The system can mill and turn complex parts. This reduces tooling and labour costs because only one machine is needed (you no longer have to move parts between separate milling and turning machines during the production process). By simplifying the process in this way, many benefits follow.

Benefits of CNC Mill-turn machines include increased efficiency, consistency and accuracy. Since only one machine is required, you eliminate the human error caused by moving parts between machines.

Further to this, CNC Mill-turn machines can have multiple turret tool posts with indexed tools. These are easy to set up in advance and allow the machine to run uninterrupted. This allows greater efficiency and could enable businesses to increase their capacity.

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